Flow Chart on Request for Voluntary Disconnection

Step 1:

Go to the Customer Service/Complaint Desk, verify the status of the Service connection and inquire on requirements

Step 2:

Comply and Submit requirement/s to the Customer Service/Complaint Desk and receive assessment for corresponding fees.

If the requestor is the Account Holder:
      -Please present a valid ID

If the requestor is not the Account Holder:
     -Please submit an authorization letter duly accomplished by the account holder
     -Photocopy of the account holder's valid ID and the authorized representative

Step 3:

Wait for the last reading by the plumber to generate the last bill.

Step 4:

Pay or settle corresponding dues and balances to the Teller. There should be no outstanding balance on the account before the request be approved or granted.

Step 5:

Go Back to the Customer Service/Complaint Desk and present Official Receipt and sign logbook for your service request.

Step 6:

Disconnection of your water service connection will be made on the scheduled date.


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