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How to compute your

          Water Bill

Water meters are read monthly on scheduled dates. Individual meter readings are then encoded to their corresponding assigned account numbers. The amount of water consumed is derived by deducting the previous reading (last month) from the current reading.


      145 - Current month's reading
      104 - Current month's reading
       41 -  Volume consumed(in cubic meters)


Your monthly bill is then computed based on our approved water rates according to the amount of water consumed. The result is then printed on your water bill as the amount due, along with your arrears (any unpaid amount last month) and other charges, if any. Other charges include balance on material cost, meter deposit, reconnection fees and additional billings. Whenever possible, all accounts are read within the billing period. 

Your water bill will be given right after the meter reader reads the water meter because of the "Read and Bill" gadget that allows him to print after reading the current month's consumption. You have fifteen days from the date of your billing to pay (this appears in the due date column of your bill). Otherwise, your bill will be subjected to a 10% penalty.


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Where, When and How to Pay


WHERE: You can pay your water bill at BAWAD Office. 

WHEN: On or before the due date indicated on your bill or not more than 15 days from billing date to avoid penalty. BAWAD Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (NO NOON BREAK), Mondays to Fridays.

HOW:    * Bring your Water bill and present it to our Collector/Teller

               * If you misplaced bill, just proceed to teller and ask for concessionaire                            name.


Understanding Your Water Bill

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