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Contact Number:   0917-701-6128



There shall be good quality water available – 24 hours a day for every Bayawanon! This is our long standing commitment.

The management of BAWAD is geared towards meeting the ever changing demand for water with the highest quality possible.

As we all know, Bayawan is rich in spring water or surface water which is prone to contamination. It is this kind of water supply that BAWAD is challenged to cleanse and deliver to every household tap at the lowest possible cost.

Now more than ever, BAWAD is task to align its programs to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 6 – to provide access to safe water for all. And in keeping with the declaration of the our beloved City Mayor , the Honorable John "Jack" T. Raymond, Jr. that BAWAD shall serve all the barangays of our new city , our quest for 100 percent coverage is well defined. With the full support of the City Government, Barangay Officials, Water Associations and Cooperatives , BAWAD is on the right track towards achieving our goal of producing a good quality water for all Bayawanons.

The dynamic leadership of our Board of Directors headed by Chairman Engr. Preciosa T. Maturan is an inspiration for all the men and women of BAWAD for a strong, honest and dedicated quality service to its thousands of consumers.

Thank you.


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